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Aliens Vs. Predator




    Let me start by saying that this game kicks serious ass. The graphics are great, the sound blows you away, and of course the game play is great. All the powers from the movie are included in the game which is totally cool. In case anyone out there hasn't at least heard about this game; you go around as the fearsome Alien, the pansy bastard marine, or the ultimate god-like exalted all powerful Predator. Each mission for the respective characters has an objective for you to complete, then you get some bonus missions. To close: THIS GAME IS NOT JUST ANOTHER CRAPPY FIRST PERSON SHOOTER!!!

Your Characters

The Marine

    This character is the world's biggest incredible pansy. Does he get big guns? Yes. Does he live long enough to use them? Uhhhhhhh... NO! If you encounter an Alien you get your ass maimed. If you happen meet the Predator your whole squad just drops a load in their pants and start's praying. What's your best chance for survival against this Pred? Follow the example of you squad. Your marine has a bunch of stuff that he never gets a chance to use. The people who designed the marine gave him a shitload of cool weapons and less life than the sorcerer in Diablo. The marine would be awesome if he had armor to match his guns. Not only all this but if you use your goggles you're left blind. In short the marine is a pathetic pansy and a disgrace to the game.

The Alien

    This guy is just so much fun! He can walk on ceilings, walls, and floors as if they were all the same. He has a good amount of life and his attacks are so freaking cool. He doesn't have any guns or pickups, all he has is his claws, his tail, and the jaw attack. Predators are easy in the game but will kick your ass in multiplayer. Marines, well what can I say? If you love random killing target yourself a marine in single or multiplayer. If some jackass decides to actually play as the faggot marine in multiplayer, show no mercy. If you hit him with your tail just once he'll scream and fall to his knees dead. The alternate vision mode is okay but it's hard to see your enemies with it. The Alien is challenging but extremely fun as you can drop from the roof and kill even the Predator. 

The Predator 

    The Predator just kicks ass all of his weapons are lethal. He has three different vision modes. This dude can whoop the ass off anyone. If you see a U.S.C.M. cruising around with some of his homies just whip out your spear gun and shoot the ass off of any of the pansies. All I can say about the Predator is that if you're any kind of player you can't die.

 Aliens Vs. Predator


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