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Cheaters Paradise


 The remastered surrealistic adventure that will become your world—now with your own guide!

Lan Party Information for Houston

 Lead the powerful Eldar® Warriors in a desperate struggle for survival!

Cheating Books and Guides

Breath of Fire III: Unauthorized Game Secrets

Wild Arms: Unauthorized Game Secrets

Super Metroid: Unauthorized Game Secrets

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter: The Official Strategy Guide

Beyond the beyond Unauthorized Game Secrets

Secret of Evermore: Authorized Power Play Guide

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: Official Game Secrets

Mortal Kombat IV: Official Game Secrets

Real-Time Strategy Game Programming Using Directx

Shadows of the Empire Game Secrets & Solutions

Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus

Starship Titanic: The Official Strategy Guide

Castlevania: A Symphony of the Night: Unauthorized Secrets & Solutions

Magic: The Gathering Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy Tactics: Official Game Secrets

Fugitive Game

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past Game Secrets/NES

Intel Showcase

Software Development

Software Bargains

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Software New Releases

Windows 98 Game Programming for Dummies

PC Gamer
Magazine Description This monthly publication covers computer games for PC and PC-compatible computers. Each issue of PC Gamer includes hints and tips to improve reader's scores, in-depth coverage of popular games, previews of upcoming games, and information about new joysticks and peripherals.

Sci-Fi Universe
Magazine Description Sci-Fi Universe is an irreverent guide to everything that's cool in science fiction. Each issue checks out the hottest new movies and TV shows, paparazzi photos of sci-fi stars, the best sci-fi and fantasy games, books, comics, and more.

Science Fiction Age
Magazine Description Science Fiction Age is a magazine for the serious sci-fi reader. Each bimonthly issue features fiction from the foremost authors with illustrations by today's leading artists. Book and movie reviews, interviews, and science facts supplement the "Alternative Media" section, which focuses on interactive technology, games, comics, collectibles, videos, and more.


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